The services provided by LIGOS can be summarized as follows:

Description of Services

Installation, supply of oil rigs and Executing oil platforms

Executing the construction, prevention, cleaning and maintenance of offshore oil platforms and Oil reservoirs.

We combine broad knowledge of development options with local know-how to build an extensive record of results.

Delivering all types of fixed and floating offshore facilities through an integrated network providing the best value procurement from subcontractors to customers by leveraging global source networks and market knowledge.

Our supply management and procurement organization support project execution through a pro-active process for optimizing the lead-time, total costs and quality.

Transportation & Logistic services

Providing technical logistic services.

When it comes to managing the logistics of oil and gas, safety and efficiency are our greatest concerns.

We provide a full range of logistic services including the transportation of products and all kinds of equipment, different types and sizes, for the oil and gas industry, including the oil and gas.

We can coordinate all the necessary upgrade services through competent companies to accomplish & maintain excellence standards by:

  • Providing all types of vehicles.
  • Heavy equipment transporters.
  • Divers.
  • Chartering aircraft and barges.
  • Ambulance aircraft.
  • Warehousing in all Libya regions, warehouse processing, and final distribution to the recipient.
  • Etc..

Importing equipment and supplies

Importing oil materials, equipment and devices.

  • Oil and gas production and transport equipment and spare parts.
  • Prepare and equip all environmental systems and provide mechanisms for environmental protection for drilling operations.
  • Drilling equipment.
  • Equipment for offshore platforms.
  • Heat and power systems with external combustion engines.
  • Flaring Systems.
  • Turbine expanders.
  • Fuel storage tanks.
  • Stander power supply units.
  • Etc..

Provide Expertise

Providing international engineers and expertise

  • Contracting with energy experts and engineers.
  • Sub Sea Engineering.
  • Mechanical engineers.
  • Consultancy services.

Welding & Maintenance

Maintenance and welding of pipes, packaging and drilling.

Professional skills and welding expertise can be seen in our wide selection of welding procedure specifications which cover various manual and mechanized welding processes and large scale of different materials and dimensions.

We can offer the most suitable welding and drilling pipe repairers solutions for all sized objects and projects.

Oilfield and Industrial Cleaning of oil fields

Maintenance and cleaning of equipment and oil fields.

Our maintenance scheduling makes it simple to receive service when your worksite needs it. With customized options, we map out a service plan in advance

Safety, productivity, and compliance all hinge on a well-maintained work environment.
Outdoor Cleaning Service serves the Oilfield and Industrial Cleaning field with oilfield equipment and industrial cleaning solutions.

  • Industrial pressure washing
  • Heavy equipment cleaning
  • Detail cleaning
  • Vacuum truck cleaning

Implementing oil and gas networks

Petroleum Pipeline

The transport of crude oil or natural gas liquids:

  • Gathering systems
  • Crude oil pipeline systems
  • Refined products pipelines systems.

Natural gas pipelines

The transport of natural gas from stationary facilities such as gas wells, and delivering to a variety of locations,

Waste Water Treatment

Treatment of industrial waste associated with the production and processing of oil and gas.

Our water technologies guarantee our customers a competitive advantage by reducing their water needs while ensuring compliance with regulations.

The general plan is to select the guaranteed cheapest method which assure the achievement of targeted output criteria.

We ensure:

  • sustainable development ideas
  • helping our partners achieve their goals
  • constantly innovating in circular economy technologies
  • respecting environmental rules

Laboratory Analysis

Conducting laboratory analyses of oil products and residues in order to provide technical advice to reduce and prevent hazards of pollution.

Cleaning & Enriching

Cleaning and enriching the soil contaminated oil and other industrial derivatives.

A set of physical, chemical, biological and integrated approaches are available to deal with the problem in different soil profiles and under different climatic conditions.

Processing of Well Drilling

  • Provide oil rigs with advanced drilling techniques equipment - onshore and offshore.
  • drilling new offshore/ onshore wells.
  • Maintenance of used oil rigs.
  • Prepare and equip all environmental systems and provide mechanisms for environmental protection for drilling operations.

Power and Energy Services

LIGOS has well established connection in energy and electric supply and services. We provide standard and special electric tools and equipment for our customers.

The diversity of our range of products and established network allows to meet our customer requirements.

We can cover all needs that will deliver the power from power station to consumers, such as, not limited to:

  • Power station
  • Power transformers
  • All elements of Transmission lines and towers
  • Transmission station
  • All elements distribution sub station
  • Automation devices
  • Instrumentation system
  • Turbines
  • Compressors
  • Cables and wires
Horizon Shipping

Shipping and Marine Services

Through our liner agency HORIZON, we offer a comprehensive range of port and shipping services, for all types of vessels such as gas & oil conveyors, bulk cargoes, containers plus Custom Clearance and other related services.

We also provide to our clients the best packaging, logistic, storage services & door to door delivery.

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